From the recording Everyone's Got A Camera

David Poe: vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards
Larry Goldings: piano and keyboards
Phillip Krohnengold: keyboards
Doug Yowell: drums

Produced by David Poe
Recorded at The Cabin, Los Angeles
Mixed by Mike Piersante at The Village, Los Angeles
Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering, Los Angeles


Everyone’s Got A Camera
The actor is a waiter
The comic sells cars
The dancer she works at the barre
Then the bar
And all of them know how
The painters must have felt
When everyone got a camera
You tighten your belt
Everyone’s got a camera
And it’s just as well

‘Cause the people are journalists
The people shoot cops
The people drive taxis
And run special ops
The people are watching
The world as it bleeds
Everyone’s got a camera
So everyone sees
Everyone’s got a camera
And publicity

How you shine from afar
Like a Christmas tree
And your child stars
In the movie
When the cloud breaks
It rains memory
Everyone’s got a camera
So everyone sees
Everyone’s got a camera
You don’t have to read

The Wild, Wild West
Was disease and the lash
Then the sun reigned over
A dustbowl of ash
Now green is The Valley
A mountain of cash
Everyone’s got a camera
The first and the last
Everyone’s got a camera
To remember the past

If I take your picture
Does it belong to me?
If the words are stolen,
Is the word set free?
When the truth is so quiet
It sounds like a prayer
Everyone’s got a camera
Everyone’s got a camera
Or you weren’t there

Written by: David Poe