Written by David Poe. ©2022 Charming Martyr Music (BMI.) From the album EVERYONE'S GOT A CAMERA

The years you get 
You get to learn 
Where to sleep 
And what can burn 
And how to hang on to a world that turns 
With all these people 
You never met 

But in the years you get 
You will go far 
See the ocean and the moon and the star 
Drive someone crazy 
You’ll drive a car 
And dance on the bar 
Not just yet, 
But in the years you get 

Some don’t last too long 
Some get more than others 
Some are weak and some are strong 
All are sisters and brothers 

The years you get 
And then you go 
Leave the dirt and the sun and the snow 
And the ones who love you more than you know 
‘Cause you took a shot 
In the years you got 
And they won’t forget 

For Annika