Written by David Poe. ©2022 Charming Martyr Music (BMI.) From the album EVERYONE'S GOT A CAMERA

No one awake cares about your dreams 
For the stories that you make up while you sleep 
The magic spells, the tower of light 
The heavenly hells, the power of flight 
No one cares about your dreams 

And the person whom they said you were to be 
Perfected one, going to set the whole world free 
Mother said you could so anything 
Brother, you could be the next Dr. King 
And no one would care about your dreams 

Stay till morning comes 
Fade into the sun 

I saw you in my dream last night 
Your eyes were blue but your skin was black and white 
If dreams came true you’d still be mine 
If dreams came true you’d be alive 
But no cares about your dreams 
Nobody cares 
Except me 

I believe 
I believe 
I believe 
I believe 
I believe