From the recording Love Is Red


Got a letter
at the door.
It was the ending
of the war.
Void of any sentiment,
look at all the time she spent.
She's as patient as a gun
getting shined against the sun
It's looking like
the settlement
is almost done.

Said she's giving back
the ring.
Isn't keeping
Hoping she remembers good
but she never said she would.
When she asked if he could change,
it never was quite the same
That's because
the settlement
had been arranged.

She could never seem to tell
what he didn't want:
to let her fail.
But just as well,
the settlement
is in the mail.
Void of any sentiment,
like he never had a friend.
Think of all the time he spent
making rent
and miracles
that came and went
'cause she's so fucked
and beautiful.