“David Poe gives the singer-songwriter genre a much-needed jolt.” - Rolling Stone 

“Sensational. His songwriting has never been better.” - We Write About Music 

“Wonderfully colorful and cinematic.” - The Sounds Won’t Stop 

“After spending the last few years treating us to a rich and alluring array of delights, acclaimed singer-songwriter David Poe has now returned with his mesmerising new album ‘Everyone’s Got A Camera’, showcased by the riveting title-track. Offering up another dose of his humble folk-pop direction, this new one will pull you in and never let you go.” - Music News 

“Catchy as hell and one of the best songs of the new year.” - Culture Catch 

“‘When you had to find your way home without a phone” is a line that stayed with me long after “Analog” has ended, and it is even only one beautiful lyric nugget out of many. Some might dismiss the music video as a ‘lyric video,’ but I think it is an exciting piece of visual art that also happens to display the lyrics, which are fantastic – see above. The production of the track is equally fascinating, with its mix of sleek electronics morphing into warm and comforting analog sound, complete with turntable crackling. In short, David Poe has put out another stunning single and music video and gears up for the release of his album Everyone’s Got A Camera, out September 23rd, 2022, on ECR Music Group.” - Glamglare 

“Delicately atmospheric and laced with metaphor, David Poe truly looks within on the lead track. Poe meanders the track to unexpected places- when the melodies and chords begin to feel comforting, and hauntingly familiar, the tone shifts somewhere new and resolves neatly on the tonic. A unique offering that is sure to make an impact on the singer/songwriter genre, David Poe shows just how much thought goes into each line of his songwriting.” - Earmilk 

“From world tours with the greatest to being named a composer fellow of the Sundance Institute, ‘Post' by David Poe is only one of his many profound lyrical masterpieces." - Rising Artists 

“Montado en una ola de éxito comercial y de crítica desde el lanzamiento de su álbum anterior God & The Girl (de Rolling Stone, The Observer, The Independent, por nombrar solo algunos), Poe ya ha recibido elogios por los sencillos lanzados anteriormente de este nuevo álbum y celebró videos musicales.” - Piliopop 

“One of the most talented and accomplished current singer-songwriters.” - Fab UK 

“Poe's songs have appeared in numerous films, including Sundance Film Festival favorites Diary Of A Teenage Girl and Dare, and television shows, including Dexter, Nashville and The O.C. Poe is a composer fellow of the Sundance Institute. His scores for Shadowland and Shadowland 2 by contemporary dance company Pilobolus have been performed on every continent, including for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.” - Melodic 

“Analog, un morceau ultra groovy avec des teintes de funk, de jazz, une nonchalance teintée de nostalgie mais aussi d’une vraie sensualité. C’est beau et touchant!” - Le Cargo 

“An artist who remains truly infatuated with songwriting as an art, this American craftsman has a deep history behind him. “There’s a difference between art and entertainment,” he says. “It’s not to say that one is greater than the other, that art can’t be entertaining or entertainment can’t be arty. But there is a difference. The best pop lives where art and entertainment intersect.’” - Clash Magazine

More sonically adventurous than his previous album, David Poe's Everyone’s Got A Camera takes on the handoff between this century and the last, surveillance culture, and the ongoing battle between fact and opinion.

The album's opening track, “People Clap Hands,” is a soulful chant that invokes the opposite of a fist. Its closer, “Time There Is Still,” considers the difference between progress and actual change. In between is folk-pop, bossa nova, and even quasi-trap on "Analog," where an urgent beat and fiery orchestra of underscores Poe’s longing for a time when progress and creativity were not measured in emoticons and follower counts. “Now I’m part of history,” sings Poe, “When the music cost money but the water was free.”

But even when it casts a critical eye, much of this record sounds exuberant. “Post” is a simple pop-rock tune about a breakup and its aftermath as played out in public on social media. “Gun For A Mouth” could be the theme song of Twitter, even though it rocks like an homage to 1967. 

In an era of pop music that tends to either turn away from big concerns or focus on small ones, Everyone’s Got A Camera feels both new and old, as surprising as it is inevitable. 

Rolling Stone writes, “David Poe gives the singer-songwriter genre a much-needed jolt.” The Village Voice calls Poe “the major domo of songwriters.”

“Every songwriter worth their salt is striving for the kind of balanced poetry and simplicity that Poe seems to just pour out,” says No Depression.

“It’s hard to deny the expert craftsmanship of Poe’s songwriting,” wrote Paste Magazine of “What The President Said,” a topical song from 2017 which enjoyed the public support of Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda. The London Independent compared his songs to “miniature novels.” 

Poe has toured the world with Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Tori Amos, Chris Whitley, and many more. A composer fellow of the Sundance Institute, his work features in numerous film, TV, dance and theater projects, official selections of the Sundance Film Festival. 

Songs by David Poe have been performed by a wide array of artists and recorded by producers including T-Bone Burnett, Larry Klein, Buddy Miller, and Dave Sitek. He has also produced recordings for other artists, including Regina Spektor and Kraig Jarret Johnson. Shadowland, a collaboration with contemporary dance company Pilobolus, toured for a decade and was performed on five continents, for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and was released as a feature film.

Poe has performed Bowie’s final masterpiece Blackstar in its entirety with Bowie saxophonist Donny McCaslin and the Charlotte Symphony. His music accompanied new work by the Los Angeles Dance Project in a world premiere at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar. He has also created music for the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, American Repertory Theater, and the Harvard Dance Project.

Transplanted from the American Midwest to New York City and now living in Los Angeles, David Poe served as the sound engineer at CBGB’s 313 Gallery before signing with Sony/Epic.